About Us

The Teif lab is located in the University of Essex in a historic town Colchester. We are interested in quantitative aspects of gene regulation in chromatin using approaches of biophysics, bioinformatics and next generation sequencing. We work on biomedical systems ranging from mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation to human cell lines to actual cancer patients (chronic lymphocytic leukemia, glioblastoma, breast cancer).

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Current lab members

“Passionate about science, education and the Internet. Interested in modelling gene regulation”

–  Dr Vladimir Teif 

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“Curiosity-driven individual interested in bioinformatics, genetics and environmental science

– Emma Deeks

“An avid learner, interested in transcription factors and regulation of gene expression. Also a big fan of CTCF”

Dr Hulkar Mamayusupova

“Passionate about chromatin topology and machine learning; Lacrosse player, Pint of Science co-organiser”

–  Christopher Clarkson

“Passionate about machine learning and data science, especially applications to (epi)genomics of ageing”

– Ashkan Mohseni Hosseini

We are always interested in new people and  projects. If you have your own ideas we will be happy to support your applications for fellowships, e.g. listed here .

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Previous lab members

 Dr Graeme Thorn, postdoctoral fellow (2017-2018)

Navid Shafiei, MSc student (2017)

Dr Svetlana Gretton, postdoctoral fellow (2017) 

Dr Ioanna Pavlaki, postdoctoral fellow (2016)

Joshua Burton, MSc student (2016)

Tanvi Sharma, MSc student (2016)

Christopher Armstrong, MSc student (2018)

Ralph Samarista, Wellcome Trust Summer Fellow (2018)

“An aspiring stem cell researcher interested in bioinformatics and regenerative medicine. Also a music lover and film aficionado”

–   Ralph Samarista 

“Interested in cancer biology in general and nucleosome repositioning in cancer specifically. And having fun:)”

Christopher Armstrong