Fragile Nucleosome Journal Club

The Fragile Nucleosome Journal Club is a new project of the Fragile Nucleosome community where students and postdocs interested in chromatin and gene regulation can actively discuss recent papers in concordance with peers from around the world. The format of the Fragile Nucleosome Journal Club is very different from the Fragile Nucleosome Seminars. Participants will discuss a preprint or recent paper helped by an invited expert in the field. Unlike our seminars, the journal club will not be recorded and published to the public, allowing all participants to express their opinions freely. For this reason, we recommend any authors/members associated with the group of the corresponding author, to kindly not sign up when your paper is used for discussion 🙂

When:  Thursdays, 9am Pacific time (5pm UK, 6pm Central Europe).  The signup open from Friday the prior week. From September 2020, the Journal Clubs will happen once every 2 weeks.

Organisers: Jei Diwakar, Ulduz Afshar, Sandipan Brahma, Pallabi Mustafi, Nathan Gamarra, Erin Wissink, with help from the seminars organisers  Christine CucinottaHanneke Vlaming, Pravrutha Raman and Vlad Teif.

Proposed format:

Participants will discuss both positives and negatives of the paper. 

Using Zoom breakout rooms, we accommodate multiple cohorts to discuss the paper simultaneously (the more the merrier!)

The trainee-led discussion will last for approximately 40 mins.

The Expert joins for the last 20 min to help to put the paper in context of the field.

Note for experts:

If any experts are interested in helping with one of these journal club sessions in the future, please email (Senior Postdocs also encouraged to get in touch)

Next Journal Club:

Thursday 17th August, 2020: with Lothar Schermelleh as an invited expert

Paper: Jain et al. bioRxiv, August 2020 ‘RNA promotes the formation of spatial compartments in the nucleus

Registration link here

Upcoming Events


September 2020

Invited Expert- Lothar Schermelleh

Paper: ‘RNA promotes the formation of spatial compartments in the nucleus’

Quinodoz et al. bioRxiv, August 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

University of Oxford, UK

Past Events


June 2020

Invited Expert – Boyan Bonev

Paper: ‘Detailed temporal dissection of an enhancer cluster reveals two distinct roles for individual elements’

Thomas et al. bioRxiv, May 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

Munich, Germany 


June 2020

Invited Expert – Giacomo Cavalli

Paper: ‘CTCF is dispensable for immune cell transdifferentiation but facilitates an acute inflammatory response’

Stik et al. Nature Genetics June 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

CNRS, France


July 2020

Invited Expert: Alan Underhill

Paper:  ‘An embryonic stem cell-specific heterochromatin state allows core histone exchange in the absence of DNA accessibility’

Navarro et al. bioRxiv, May 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

University of Alberta, Canada


July 2020

Invited Expert: Vijay Ramani

Paper: ‘Single molecule occupancy patterns of transcription factors reveal determinants of cooperative binding in vivo’

Sönmezer et al. bioRxiv, June 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)



July 2020

Invited Expert: Stefan Schoenfelder

Paper:  ‘Spatial Organisation of Transcribed Eukaryotic Genes’

Leidescher et al. bioRxiv, May 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

Babraham Institute, UK


July 2020

Invited Expert: Serena Sanulli

Paper: ‘Phase separation induced by cohesin SMC protein complexes’

Ryu et al. bioRxiv June 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

Stanford University, USA


August 2020

Invited Expert – Maria Elena Torres-Padilla

Paper:  ‘Analysis of Genome Architecture during SCNT Reveals a Role of Cohesin in Impeding Minor ZGA’

Zhang et al. Mol Cell, June 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen, Germany


August 2020

Invited Expert – Eva Hörmanseder

Paper: ‘Epigenetic regulations follow cell cycle progression during differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells’ 

Madrigal et al. bioRxiv,  June 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen, Germany



August 2020

Invited Expert- Robert Illingworth

Paper:  ‘Polycomb-mediated Genome Architecture Enables Long-range Spreading of H3K27 methylation’

Kraft et al. bioRxiv, July 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

University of Edinburgh, UK


September 2020

Invited Expert – Tolga Emre

Paper: ”H3 K27M and EZHIP impede H3K27-methylation spreading by inhibiting allosterically stimulated PRC2′

Jain et al. bioRxiv, August 2020

9:00am (Pacific time)

Boğaziçi University, Istanbul