Welcome to Gene Regulation Lab

This web site is run by the Vlad Teif lab. We are interested in deciphering mechanisms of gene regulation in chromatin using approaches of biophysics, bioinformatics and next generation sequencing. We work on biomedical systems ranging from stem cell differentiation to cancer (see publications and teaching). We also maintain here several community resources explained below. Feel free to contact us with suggestions of your resources and events to be included in the database. Note that we are doing web mastering in free time, so please do not demand too much 🙂

Quantitative Gene RegulationThis web site contains resources relevant to gene regulation, including nucleosome positioning (database of annotated experimental datasets, algorithms to predict nucleosome positioning and computational tools to analyse nucleosome positioning experiments), protein-DNA binding (e.g. our section TF binding contains information about databases of transcription factors weight matrices, experimental binding datasets and computational tools). A frequently updated section is devoted to upcoming conferences and schools relevant to quantitative gene regulation. In addition, we maintain a list of postdoctoral and PhD fellowships in the UK, as well as travel grants. Finally, the Open Science sections contain information about the present and future of science online including the Scientific Twitter.