Vladimir B. Teif — short bio

[Below is a short bio. A detailed CV is in this PDF ]

2021-current: University of Essex, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

2015-2021: University of Essex, Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

University of Essex, UK 



2009-2015: German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and BioQuant Center, Heidelberg (with Prof. Karsten Rippe)

German Cancer Research Center

2008: University of California, San Diego, Centre of Theoretical Biological Physics (with Prof. Terry Hwa)

2006-2007: Hebrew University, Jerusalem (with Prof. Avinoam Ben-Shaul and Dr. Daniel Harries)

??????????? ?????? ???????? - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2002-2004: Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry, summa cum laude:

CEA/Saclay, France (with Drs. Jean-Louis Sikorav and Arach Goldar)
IBOCH NASB (with  Prof. Dmitri Lando )


1995-2000: Diploma in Physics (Biological Physics), honors

Belarus State University

1993-1995: BSU Lyceum (high school)

Lyceum Emblem and laureate wreath