Twitter accounts recommended to scientists working on gene regulation

Below is a list of professional Twitter accounts recommended for scientists working on gene regulation. Twitter accounts included in this list are manually selected as explained below. “Personal”, “laboratory”, “organisation” and “outreach” accounts are usually not included. All accounts in the list have at least ~1,000 followers and are devoted to purely academic discussions of publications, ideas, concepts, events, training and job opportunities relevant to gene regulation (non-personal, non-political, non-business — a more detailed explanation for this reasoning is here) . The “Social Authority” scores are obtained from  on 01/01/2019 (higher scores mean higher authority). The numbers of followers are correct as of 01/01/2019 and rounded to the nearest thousand. The accounts are listed alphabetically, but can be re-ordered by clicking on the header of any column of interest. All accounts listed below are highly recommended; the “social authority” scores are provided only for information purposes. No score can substitute for a personal recommendation. Please send your comments or suggestions by email or contact us on Twitter (@generegulation).

Twitter accounts important to gene regulation scientists

NameDescriptionNumber of followers (thousands)Social AuthorityBot or person
NameDescriptionNumber of followers (thousands)Social AuthorityBot or person
@3D_GenomeSemi-automated account that tweets links to new papers on genome in 3D (Hi-C, DNAse-seq, FAIRE-seq, Chip-exo). Maintained by @Alexis_Verger3k46Semi-automated
@4DNucleomeOfficial account of the NIH 4D Nucleome consortium. Includes tweets of their papers and announcements2k31Consortium
@aDNA_papersLiterature bot reporting papers and preprints on ancient DNA and human genomics. Curated by @bigskybioarch1k42Bot
@AllAboutTFsManual Tweets about transcription factors. Unknown author, high-quality content1k36Person
@anshulkundajeBlog by Professor Anshul Kundaje. Focus on machine learning in gene regulation. Mostly paper (re)tweets, with occasional bursts of high-quality critical discussions5k60Person
@ChIP_seqLiterature bot reporting PubMed entries mentioning ChIP-seq. Established by @Coregenomics1k31Bot
@ChromatinHaikuTweets haiku for manually selected papers relevant to chromatin. Unknown author, high-quality content3k53Person
@cohesin_papersLiterature bot reporting all papers mentioning cohesin1k30Bot
@CTCF_PapersLiterature bot reporting all CTCF papers. Maintained by yours truly (@generegulation).1k38Bot
@EpgntxEinsteinBlog by Professor John Greally. Mostly about epigenetics (including the use and misuse of this word). Sometimes also unrelated topics, but overall quite focused.6k57Person
@epigen_papersLiterature bot reporting papers relevant to epigenetics. Established by @mariamdemidova3k48Bot
@epigenetichulkHumoristic account run by an epigenetics professional, mostly about published papers. Unknown author. Sometimes a bit harsh, but it is intended to be so3k49Person
@EricTopolBlog by Professor Eric Topol. Mostly medically-oriented, but includes high-impact gene regulations studies. As a bonus, Tweets usually include screenshots from behind the paywall.147k81Person
@generegulationBlog by yours truly. Topics include: chromatin, biophysics, transcription factor binding, 3D genome organisation, CTCF, cancer, stem cell differentiation, epigenetics, open science7k63Person
@genomeguardianLiterature bot reporting papers on transcription factor p530.339Bot
@IHEC_EpigenomesInternational Human Epigenome Consortium. Tweets epigenomics/epigenetics news, jobs & events2k51Consortium
@loops_enhancersTweets papers about chromatin, enhancers and genome architecture. Manually picked by @IvKrivega4k50Person
@lugerlabBlog by Professor Karolin Luger. This account has become active only in 2018 and is on the rise. Includes some off-topic content, but the gene regulation-related content is brilliant. Recommended for all nucleosome aficionados0.5K35Person
@MED_COMPLEXTweets all papers mentioning the mediator complex (both automated and manual)1k36Semi-automated
@mmw_lmwImmunology-related literature (including some gene regulation studies) manually selected by Professors Louise and Michael McHeyzer-Williams.16k63Person
@naivelocusLiterature feed related to chromatin biophysics. Manually selected papers by @biochemistries0.5k18Person
@NonBDNApapersA manually curated account devoted to research about nucleic acid structure and function. Unknown author.0.3k33Person
@Nucleosome_BotLiterature bot reporting all papers & preprints with "nucleosome" in abstracts. Maintained by yours truly (@generegulation)2k42Bot
@paperkastA web service devoted to paper commenting. It started only in August 2018. So far not many articles with discussions but the idea looks promising -- let's see how it evolves0.1k4Person
@preLightsA preprint highlights service supported by The Company of Biologists. The Tweets contain links to the web site with the actual prelights2k44Person
@ribosome_papersLiterature bot reporting papers and preprints on ribosomes. Maintained by @slavovLab1k40Bot
@RNA_seqLiterature bot reporting PubMed entries mentioning RNA-seq. Established by @Coregenomics3k42Bot
@SAGA_ComplexLiterature feed reporting papers on SAGA complex. Started only in October 2018 and is on the rise0.1k12Semi-automated
@scell_papersLiterature bot reporting papers related to single-cell sequencing3k44Bot
@surgeonretinaBlog by Professor Rajesh Rao. Mostly about papers relevant to the biomedical side of gene regulation in chromatin2k58Person
@swisnfLiterature bot reporting papers on SWI/SNF. Built by @joshbiology.0.1k20Bot
@tangming2005Blog by Ming Tang, a bioinformatics scientist at Harvard. This feed includes paper (re)tweets as well as original content related to programming in R and Python1k59Person
@TF_binding_botLiterature bot reporting all papers about transcription factor (TF) binding to DNA or chromatin. Maintained by yours truly (@generegulation).1k39Bot
@westrBlog by Professor Robert West. Focus on personalised medicine including gene regulation papers21k57Person