Calendar of gene regulation events online


The calendar below lists webinars and meetings relevant to gene regulation. All times below are in GMT (London, UK). The link to export these events to Outlook or Google Calendar is at the bottom of this page. The calendar below includes all virtual events related to gene regulation, not limited to those organised by Fragile Nucleosome. To add your own virtual event that is not yet in our list, please email [email protected]. For a list of conferences and schools in the area of gene regulation, see the separate page “conferences, meetings and schools”. Also, have a look at complementary lists of webinars at  The Node (developmental biology and related subjects), Physics of Life (biophysics) and (mathematics & physics).


All Day

EMBO Workshop: Physiology and function of histone variants

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute Ctra de Can Ruti, Camí de les Escoles, s/n, Badalona

The modulation of chromatin structure and function is the basis of epigenetic regulation. The replacement of replication-coupled histones in the

Fragile Nucleosome Seminar

Fragile Nucleosome Webinar Series Fragile Nucleosome (aka #FragileNucleosome) is a discussion group for scientists interested in chromatin and gene regulation.