Workshop “Biophysics of Chromatin and Gene Regulation”

University of Essex, July 8, 2019

Organisers Vladimir Teif Ranjith Padinhateeri Radu Zabet. Supported by GCRF and University of Essex.

Venue: University of Essex, Colchester, UK. Essex Business School building, room EBS2.34.

When: Monday, July 8, 2019, 11.00-18.00.

Directions: From the “Colchester Town” train station take taxi or bus 62 to the University of Essex. Get out at the first stop inside the university campus. This stop is exactly near the “Essex Business School” (a wooden building on the photo above).

Registration: free but mandatory, at this link. The number of participants is limited to 45.


10.30-11.00 Registration (foyer of the Essex Business School, near palm trees) 

11.00-11.40 Ranjith Padinhateeri  (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

Physical models to understand nucleosome positioning, chromatin assembly and inheritance of epigenetic information

11.40-11.55 Keerthi Chathoth (Radu Zabet Lab, University of Essex)

Chromatin architecture reorganisation during neuronal cell differentiation in Drosophila genome

11.55-12.15 Patrick Varga-Weisz (University of Essex)

Histone modifications in tissues

12.15-13.00 Lunch (foyer of the Essex Business School)

13.00-13.40 Alexei Kornyshev (Imperial College London)

Unravelling hidden abilities of the most important molecule

13.40-13.55 Hulkar Mamayusupova (Vlad Teif Lab, University of Essex)

Interaction of CTCF with RNA polymerase II

13.55-14.10 Coffee break

14.10-14.50 Suzana Hadjur (University College London)

Cohesin complex diversity in pluripotent cells

14.50-15.05 Patrick Martin (Radu Zabet Lab, University of Essex)

Dissecting the binding mechanisms of transcription factors to DNA using a statistical thermodynamics framework

 15.05-15.25 Xiaoyan Ma (Ernest Laue Lab, University of Cambridge)

Canonical and single-cell Hi-C reveal distinct chromatin interaction sub-networks of mammalian transcription factors

15.25-15.40 Coffee break

15.40-15.55 Vladimir Teif (University of Essex)

Modelling microdomain formation in chromatin

15.55-16.10 Chris Clarkson(Vlad Teif lab, University of Essex)

The DNA sequence-dependent strength of CTCF binding determines asymmetric chromatin boundaries

16.10-16.30 Ben Skinner(University of Essex)

Mapping chromosome positions using nuclear cartography

16.30-16.50 Pradeepa Madapura (Queen Mary University of London)

Histone acetylations and their role in gene regulation

16.50-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-17.20 Metody Metodiev (University of Essex)

Mapping genome/proteome interactions by proximity biotinylation and high-resolution mass spectrometry

17.20-17.40 Nevena Cvetesic (Boris Lenhard Lab, Imperial College London)

Deciphering germline-specific transcription initiation codes using SLIC-CAGE

17.40-18.00 Cecilia Lövkvist (Martin Howard Lab, John Innes Centre)

          Exploring models of Polycomb-based epigenetic memory genome-wide

18.00-19.00 Informal discussions with wine and finger food

This workshop is supported by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

The registration is free but mandatory. Please register at the link below:

Contact email: [email protected]